2012 Conference - Workgroups

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Conference workgroups will highlight innovative models for addressing civil legal and develop recommendations regarding implementation of those models in Arkansas.  Each workgroup will each have a facilitator who will guide the group through a discussion on the topics listed below.  A recorder will document the major points of the group’s discussion and recommendations, which will be compiled and provided to panelists at the 1:00 p.m. session. Each workgroup will begin with a brief discussion about the model highlighted, and then identify barriers, solutions, and action steps necessary to implement the model discussed.

Raising the Bar for Health: Replicating the Medical-Legal Partnership Model. This session will examine what is necessary for establishing new medical-legal partnerships throughout the state. For the workgroup handout, click here.

Increasing Access to Education: Establishing Education-Legal Partnerships. This session will examine the efficacy of the medical-legal partnership model in an education setting to address legal problems that interfere with children’s ability to succeed in school.  For the workgroup handout, click here.

Impact Litigation: Designing a 21st Century Justice Center. This session will examine the need for a nonprofit Justice Center in Arkansas to handle cases that touch on racial and economic issues that traditional nonprofit legal aid providers may be restricted from handling. For the workgroup handout, click here.

 Righting the Wrongs: Strategies for Assisting People Affected by the Housing Crisis. This session will focus on the recent historic multistate foreclosure settlement reached between state attorneys general, federal agencies, and the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers. Specifically, this workgroup will help come up with ideas for how to best use the $2 million distributed to the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission to provide housing-related legal assistance to Arkansans. For the workgroup handout, click here.

Food Insecurity: Relieving Hunger Through Legal Action. This session will focus on identifying the causes of hunger and what the legal community can do to help assure food security for low-income Arkansans. For the workgroup handout, click here.

Putting the Pieces Together: Creating Comprehensive Community Resource Guide. This session will focus on creating, distributing, and maintaining comprehensive community resource guides in order to assist low-income Arkansans with a myriad of concerns. For the workgroup handout, click here.

 Helping Others Help Themselves: Expanding Pro Se Resources and Increasing Access to Counsel. This session will focus on strategies for expanding resources for litigants that represent themselves and increasing access to counsel in civil legal matters. This includes looking at the ramifications of Turner v. Rogers, a case decided in the Supreme Court last year that has had significant impact on civil right to counsel. For the workgroup handout, click here.