The Arkansas Access to Justice Commission works to ensure justice for all. That means that all Arkansans get the protections of the law. We research the unmet legal problems of Arkansans, encourage attorneys to do pro bono work for families who are priced out of the legal market, and recommend evidence-based solutions to policymakers.

Our sister nonprofit organization, the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation, funds the state’s two civil legal aid organizations: The Center for Arkansas Legal Services and Legal Aid of Arkansas. Together, their lawyers help thousands of Arkansans yearly with knowing and enforcing their rights and by being their voice in court. Through these approaches, we all work together to achieve fairness and make sure nobody with a legal problem is excluded from justice.

Become a Justice for All Partner!

Justice for All Partners are people who believe that how much money you make shouldn’t determine whether or not you get justice. They act on this conviction by making a monthly gift to support legal aid and pro bono programs in Arkansas. When you become a Justice for All Partner with a monthly gift, you provide hope and help to Arkansans facing domestic abuse, housing instability, or another life-altering crisis.

Thank you to Sherry J. Williamson for donating her artwork for our Justice for All Partner logo! You can see more of Sherry’s art here.

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