AR Free Legal Answers Featured Volunteer: Lori Howard

This quarter’s featured AR Free Legal Answers volunteer is Lori Howard. Lori is a solo practitioner from Benton whose practice focuses on family law and probate matters. She’s one of the most active volunteers on AR Free Legal Answers and has helped eight clients since joining.

“I believe that pro bono work is necessary because many people simply cannot afford to hire an attorney to help them through their time of great need.  I have been that person who could barely afford to pay my bills, much less hire an attorney if I had needed one.  It is my way of passing along my knowledge of the law and the court system to those in need, and it is also something I take joy in providing to my pro bono clients.” –Lori Howard

AR Free Legal Answers lets you do pro bono from anywhere you have an internet connection. We screen clients for financial eligibility and provide malpractice insurance. You even get to preview questions before you decide whether to answer them. Most questions can be answered in less than 15 minutes!

Want to learn more? Check out this video, then create an account here. AR Free Legal Answers is a collaborative project supported by the American Bar Association, the Arkansas Bar Association, and the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission.