Free Legal Advice Available to Low-Income Arkansans

Do you need legal advice, but can’t afford to hire an attorney? AR Free Legal Answers is here to help! AR Free Legal Answers is a website where low and moderate-income Arkansans can post a question and get an answer from an attorney for free. To qualify, you must earn too little to pay an attorney. If you qualify, you can post up to three questions per year. However, we cannot answer questions that are about pending criminal charges.

To get help, click the “Ask a Question” button below. You will be asked to answer some questions to make sure you qualify. This process should take only a few minutes. If you qualify, you will be able to post your question immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only if your question is about sealing an old criminal record. We can’t answer questions about any other kind of criminal law problem.

If you want to ask about whether your criminal record can be sealed, you must be done with your sentence. That means that you have paid all fines, fees, restitution, and costs. You must also have completed any jail time and/or probation. Also, keep in mind that not all criminal records can be sealed.

Here are some examples of criminal records that CANNOT be sealed:

  • Any criminal record which caused you to be sent to the Arkansas Department of Correction;
  • Class Y felonies;
  • Class A felonies (unless it was a drug offense);
  • Felony sex offenses; and
  • Violent A or B felonies.

That depends on the kind of question you ask. All of our questions are answered by volunteers, so it takes us some time to match you with an attorney who practices the kind of law you are asking about. We also get more questions about some kinds of law, which means it takes us longer to get those answered. You should expect it to take a few days to match with a volunteer attorney for most questions. For questions about custody and divorce, it may take a little longer. For questions about sealing a criminal record, your wait time will likely be less than 24 hours.

Please keep in mind that these are only estimates. Your question may be answered more quickly or more slowly.

A well written question will help our volunteers answer your question completely. Also, questions that are well written tend to get answered more quickly. Here is what you should include with your question:

  • The name of the court your case is in and the case number (if a case has been filed);
  • The name of the other person or people involved;
  • Details about what has happened so far; and
  • Photos or documents that are related to your problem.
    • For example, if you are asking about a problem with your ex-husband or ex-wife, include a copy of the divorce decree.

If you qualify, you can ask up to three questions per year.

When you are matched with a volunteer attorney, you will get an email notification. You can then log in to see their answer to your question.

No. We want to make sure that we’re talking directly to the person with a problem. That way we can be sure that we get all the details we need to know about and they get the full answer straight from our volunteer attorney.

If you don’t qualify for AR Free Legal Answers or we aren’t able to help you for another reason, you can find other kinds of help here.

No. Our volunteers only provide advice. They will not go to court for you or file papers for you.

If you need an attorney to go to court of file papers for you, click here to get information about more kinds of legal help.

Thank you for helping us connect with people who need legal advice!

You can share this page by clicking on the social share buttons at the bottom of this page. We also have brochures that we can send to courts, libraries, nonprofits, churches, or other organizations that want to tell people about AR Free Legal Answers. To request brochures, send us an emailNo legal advice will be provided via email. If you want to ask for legal advice, please click the “Ask a Question” button.

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