AR Free Legal Answers Featured Volunteer: Paul Bowen

This quarter’s featured AR Free Legal Answers volunteer is Paul Bowen. Paul is an attorney and freelance writer in Little Rock. In 2019, he answered sixty-one questions, more than any other volunteer in that year! When we asked Paul what motivates him to do pro bono, he cited his faith.

“Honestly? I’ve been nothing but lucky all my life. It is a privilege to be at a stage in my life and career to where I can assist folks that are down on theirs. John Wesley is alleged to have said ‘Do all the good you can.’ I’m a Methodist who is armed with a license to practice law. I can do some good. And it’s not much more complicated or high minded than that.”

–Paul Bowen

AR Free Legal Answers lets you do pro bono from anywhere you have an internet connection. We screen clients for financial eligibility and provide malpractice insurance. Most questions can be answered in less than 15 minutes.

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AR Free Legal Answers is operated jointly by the American Bar Association, the Arkansas Bar Association, and the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission. 

Paul Bowen, AR Free Legal Answers Volunteer