AR Free Legal Answers Featured Volunteer: Mary Green

This quarter’s featured AR Free Legal Answers volunteer is Mary Green. Mary regularly volunteers to work with students at our bi-monthly Free Legal Answers Clinics and has answered an astonishing 91 questions so far this year! Of course she couldn’t do it without the help of her dedicated office assistants. (Pictured above.) Here’s what Mary had to say about volunteering with Free Legal Answers:

I signed up to answer questions on Free Legal Answers several years ago and found it was a quick, easy way to provide pro bono services to hundreds of people in our State. During 2020 and 2021, there were many people with pandemic-related questions and limited resources to find answers. I also found out there are many counties in Arkansas with either no attorneys in private practice or only a few. The people in these counties are often economically challenged but have many legal issues they need help resolving.

I have been in practice for 35 years and always tried to provide pro bono legal services as I had time but it was mainly limited to Washington County where I practice. I am now semi-retired with a fairly limited practice and I feel that using my legal knowledge to assist people with a need for legal advice and guidance is a way I can contribute. Free Legal Answers provides a way to do this online which is very convenient and reaches so many more people.

I work from my home with my two dogs as “office assistants”. They enjoy having me home and are very spoiled! My husband also works primarily from home and he is my assistant for all technical issues.

Signing up for Free Legal Answers is simple. The site is fairly easy to navigate and I have noticed people who send in questions seem to be very comfortable with this type of communication. I hope that by responding to their questions it will help people to realize attorneys are approachable, compassionate, and caring so that, if they do have to hire an attorney at some time, it will eliminate some of the distrust of attorneys that has always existed.

AR Free Legal Answers lets you do pro bono from anywhere you have an internet connection. We screen clients for financial eligibility and provide malpractice insurance. You even get to preview questions before you decide whether to answer them. Most questions can be answered in less than 15 minutes.

Want to learn more? Check out this video, then create an account here.


AR Free Legal Answers is operated jointly by the American Bar Association, the Arkansas Bar Association, and the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission. Additional funding is provided by the Arkansas Bar Association.