AATJ hosted a free virtual continuing legal education course (CLE) on Friday May 6th, 2022. A recording is available through our YouTube channel.

The presenter for this CLE is Thomas Nichols. He is the director of legal and advocacy services at Disa

bility Rights Arkansas. In this CLE, he will discuss the representation of people with disabilities, more specifically, the following:
1. The continuum of decision-making supports;
2. The origins of guardianship;
3. The pros and cons of guardianships;
4. Statutory authority;
5. Types of guardianships available in Arkansas;
6. Due process and other rights of a proposed ward;
7. Physician evaluations;
8. Duties of a guardian;
9. Court oversight;
10. Decisions that require court approval;
11. The removal of a guardian and termination of a guardianship;
12. Restoration of capacity;
13. Why this representation is so important; and
12. Alternatives to guardianship.