Meeting Your Rule 6 1 Obligation The Efficient, Ethical, and Effective Representation of Low Income Individuals

On May 20th, 2022, AATJ and Community Legal Access presented this CLE to increase awareness of the multiple ways to meet the Rule 6.1 obligationto provide pro bono and low cost legal assistance to folks with low income.
Expect to learn the following:
1. The statistics surrounding access to attorneys for low income families.
2. The obligation of attorneys to help their communities under Rule 6.1 of ARPC.
3. The methods for meeting this requirement.
4. The goal of Community Legal Access and how it works.
5. How to do pro bono for CLE credit.
6. All about the Free Legal Answers website.
7. Tips for starting a pro bono Case
8. How to file an In Forma Pauperis Petition to waive your client’s filing fee and service of process.ultiple ways to meet the Rule 6.1 obligation

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