Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation Awards Grants

The Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation recently awarded $425,000 in grants to support legal aid for low-income Arkansans. $212,500 was awarded to the Center for Arkansas Legal Services and $212,500 to Legal Aid of Arkansas. “Legal Aid’s work is indispensable in leveling the playing field within our justice system, ensuring that every Arkansan, regardless of their circumstances, has equitable access to legal representation. We are elated to continue championing their efforts across all 75 counties in our state, reaffirming our unwavering dedication to justice and equity for every Arkansan,” said Abby Brenneman, Executive Director of the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation.

There is still grant funding available. Click here to learn more and access the 2024 Grant Application. Grant applications are due by April 30, 2024.

Arkansans seeking legal aid should visit or call 1.888.540.2941 to apply. Attorneys who would like to support the mission of the Access to Justice Foundation and make more grants like these possible should ensure that their IOLTA account is held with a Preferred IOLTA Bank. Preferred IOLTA Banks voluntarily contribute extra interest on IOLTA accounts to support justice for all. A list of Preferred IOLTA Banks is available here.