About Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation

The Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation, Inc., is the non-profit sister organization to the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission. The Foundation manages Arkansas’s IOLTA Program and makes grants to support equal access to civil justice. Its present-day structure and mission are the result of the 2014 merger of the Arkansas IOLTA Foundation, which was incorporated in 1985, and the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation, which was incorporated in 2009. The Foundation’s purposes include the following:

  1. To receive interest income generated by deposits in trust accounts for the benefit of clients maintained by attorneys practicing in the state of Arkansas;
  2. To conduct fundraising; and
  3. To utilize such revenues received from interest income and fundraising to support programs that:

• promote and support access to the justice system by persons in Arkansas who cannot afford a lawyer and for whom the law does not provide a right to counsel;

• educate the public regarding the needs of Arkansans related to meaningful access to the civil justice system;

• provide student loans and scholarships for the education of lawyers;

• improve the administration of justice in the State of Arkansas;

• assist in support activities of institutions and organizations which improve the administration of justice, including, but not limited to, the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission, the Center for Arkansas Legal Services, Inc., and Legal Aid of Arkansas, Inc., to fulfill their missions of providing access to justice and legal aid to Arkansans who cannot afford a lawyer and who qualify for legal services; and

• carry out other purposes that may be approved from time to time by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

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