Access to Justice Foundation Meeting

August 11, 2023 via Zoom

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Mr. McKinney
  2. Business Items
  3. Executive Director’s Report–Mr. Bates-Rogers (for information)
    • 20th Anniversary Celebration/Access to Justice Month Kickoff
      • Ways to help:
        • Sponsor or ask your firm to sponsor;
        • Ask friends and colleagues to sponsor or buy a ticket;
        • Share on social media;
        • Submit a nomination for a pro bono award; or
        • Buy a ticket.
    • AR Courthouse Kiosk Program
      • 59 of 112 kiosks deployed as of August 8th
      • A majority of counties (45) now have a kiosk.
      • We need help from you! Please help us reach out to court officials in counties that haven’t yet agreed to host a kiosk.
        • We can finish this project in the next few months if we’re able to get courts to schedule installations.
        • District and circuit courts are eligible.
  4. IOLTA Report-Ms. Parker (for information)
  5. Project Reports–Ms. Chavez (for information)
    • CLEs
      • Disaster Legal Services (269 registered; 267 users)
      • 3 Joint Board Retreat Sessions (on court technology,  language access, and disability rights)
      • Consumer Protection CLE (33 registered; 44 users)
      • Power Act (117 registered online and 64 in-person; 107 online users, and about 50 in-person)
      • Upcoming CLEs: (1) Pro Bono Appeal Basics (Aug. 18, 2023, 12-1 p.m), (2) Naturalizations CLE (Sept. 15, 2023, 12-4 p.m.)
    • Clinics
      • Free Legal Answers
        • Virtual clinics (10 scheduled between April and August 2023)
        • In-person clinics (3 tentatively scheduled; 1 is in partnership with Entergy and 2 in partnership with the Ark. Bar Young Lawyers Section)
      • Naturalization Clinic
        • In-person clinic (1 in partnership with University of Arkansas School of Law, William H. Bowen School of Law, Legal Aid of Arkansas, and other non-profits on Sept. 17, 2023, in Rogers, AR).
      • Language Access Initiative
        • 151 surveys completed. Data will be compiled and results published.
        • Court Forms Translation Project (24 forms have been received from various district and circuit courts). Forms are being translated into Spanish and Karen.
        • Participation in workshops to talk about Language Access Projects (1 at the Mexican Consulate on May and 1 at the Consulate of El Salvador on June 12)
  6. Partner Organization Updates (for information)
    • Legal Aid Program Updates
      • Center for Arkansas Legal Services–Mr. Mumgaard
      • Legal Aid of Arkansas–Mr. Richardson
  7. Next Meeting Date: November 3, 12 pm
  8. Meeting Adjourned