Campaign for Legal Aid

The Arkansas Access to Justice Commission and Foundation are partnering with our state’s two nonprofit legal providers—the Center for Arkansas Legal Services (through VOCALS) and Legal Aid of Arkansas—in a statewide Campaign for Legal Aid. Funds raised through this campaign directly support high-quality legal services to low-income Arkansans facing life-altering legal needs: protection from domestic violence, economic security for the elderly and disabled, and safe and habitable housing, to name a few. Despite limited resources, these programs stretch the dollars they receive in innovative ways, allowing them to help about 15,000 clients each year with a combined staff of only 50 attorneys.

Our state’s legal aid programs, together with our pro bono attorneys, assist domestic violence victims like Miriam, whose abusive husband took their two daughters away and left her on the street; grandmothers like Ethel, who are struggling to provide for their grandchildren; and Brendan, a young boy who lost his father in the Iraq war and needed a guardianship established to receive survivor benefits.

These programs are only able to serve half of the eligible Arkansans who call them for help each year. Your support is necessary to ensure that those who can’t afford legal representation still have meaningful access to civil justice. Please help us represent hope to the thousands of Arkansans who rely on legal aid to help them protect their rights, their freedom, their homes, their livelihoods, and their families. Give to the Campaign for Legal Aid today and consider signing up to be a pro bono volunteer.

Individual Donor Giving Levels:
Champions of Justice$5000 and above
Benefactors of Justice$2,500-$4,999
Defenders of Justice$1,000-$2,499
Supporters of Justice$400-$999
Circle of Justice$399 or less
Corporate/Foundation Giving Levels:
Champions of Justice$50,000 and above
Benefactors of Justice$20,000 to $49,999
Defenders of Justice$10,000 to $19,999
Supporters of Justice$5,000 to $9,999
Circle of Justice$4,999 or less

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