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Courthouse Kiosk Will Help Court Users in Baxter County Circuit Court

The Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation is pleased to announce that it has donated a kiosk to the Baxter County Circuit Court. This kiosk will help court users in Baxter County more easily navigate the court system. Arkansans can use the kiosk to access court records, print exhibits, find court forms and fact sheets, and apply for legal aid. “We are excited to have the courthouse kiosk available for people to be able to get answers to legal questions, guidance in how to navigate the court system, and access to legal forms to use for many different legal matters.  We have already had several people who have utilized the kiosk; in fact, we’ve all been surprised at how many people have used it.  It is a great tool to be able to offer for our community members,” said Baxter County Circuit Clerk Canda Reese. Video explainers and FAQs are also available to make legal concepts easier to understand. The public can access these resources at the Baxter County Circuit Clerk’s office or by visiting Jordan Bates-Rogers, Executive Director of the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation noted the importance of collaboration to this project, “We are thankful for this partnership with the Baxter County Circuit Clerk. We look forward to partnering with many more court officials to improve the public’s access to their courts.”

The Baxter County Circuit Court kiosk is a part of a statewide program called AR Courthouse Kiosks. The program is a partnership between the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation, the Court Improvement Program, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. As part of this program, 112 kiosks will be installed in the coming months, with kiosks made available to every circuit court and select district courts. The program’s goal is to have at least one kiosk available in every county. “The Administrative Office of the Courts works to ensure that Arkansas courts deliver on the promise of justice for all. We are honored to continue that effort by improving the accessibility of the courts for all Arkansans,” said Marty Sullivan, AOC Director.

La instalación de estos quioscos ha sido durante mucho tiempo un objetivo estratégico del Programa de Mejora de los Tribunales de Arkansas. "El Programa de Mejora de Tribunales se enorgullece de ser parte de este importante proyecto que brinda a las familias de Arkansas la capacidad de acceder fácilmente a información judicial y recursos legales", dijo Brooke Steen, directora de la División de Justicia Juvenil de AOC.

El financiamiento para este proyecto fue proporcionado por la Oficina Administrativa de los Tribunales a través de una subvención federal. La Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation es una organización sin fines de lucro 501(c)(3) dedicada a financiar asistencia jurídica para habitantes de Arkansas de bajos ingresos y mejoras en la administración de justicia. Obtenga más información sobre nuestra misión en

Baxter County Deputy Clerks Kris Scheidegger, Kayla Smith, Lynette McAliney, and Circuit Clerk Canda Reese pose in front of a newly installed courthouse kiosk.