Access to Justice Commission Meeting

February 17th at 12 PM via Zoom

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Mr. Mayfield
    • Edith Chavez – Program Coordinator
      • Edith will be filling in for Abby while Abby is deployed.
  1. Business Items – Mr. Mayfield
    • Determination of Quorum
    • Approval of September Minutes
    • Proposed Amendment to Bylaws
      • Changes are needed to reflect the updated staffing structure of the Commission and the support role our staff play for the Foundation.
      • A change is also included to change the timing of the election of officers. This will reduce the administrative burden on staff by allowing the Foundation and Commission elections cycles to mirror each other.
    • Creation of 20th Anniversary Planning Committee
      • Should the Foundation be invited to participate?
      • Volunteers for committee?
  1. Executive Director’s Report–Mr. Bates-Rogers (for information)
    • Pro Bono Portal Updates
    • Courthouse Kiosk Grant
      • The Administrative Office of the Courts assisted in getting a $252,660.10 grant to place public access kiosks in courthouses across the state.
      • We have taken delivery of all of the equipment.
      • We’re now working on building the kiosk homepage. Check out the beta here and send us your feedback. (Note:While in beta, some features may not work or may change.)
      • We’ll then move into a pilot phase. Sherwood District Court and the Pulaski County Circuit Court have agreed to be our pilot sites.
      • After the pilot, we’ll coordinate with the Circuit Clerks’ Association and the District Court Clerks to install the remaining kiosks over the next year.
  2. Project Reports–Ms. Chavez (for information)
    • January CLE Report
      • Record Sealing CLE, 252 attendees
      • Estate Planning CLE, 266 attendees
    • Language Access Survey
      • Feedback received from the AOC’s Office of Court Interpreter Services
      • Feedback received from panel of 3 law students from both law schools.
      • The survey will go live in the next few days.
    • Unlawful Detainer Forms
      • 8 Judges have agreed to provide feedback.
      • We’re also coordinating to get the forms presented to Judicial Council for approval.
    • Upcoming CLEs
      • March 17 CLE -Evictions- presented by Kendall Lewellen, Center for Arkansas Legal Services
    • Free Legal Answers
      • Free Legal Answers 2022 by the Numbers
        • 688 clients helped
        • 34 new volunteer attorneys
        • 21 FLA virtual clinics
        • 84% of users were matched with an attorney.
      • Latest FLA clinic volunteers: 10 law students and 4 attorneys
      • To date, there are 59 unanswered questions. In the top categories we have 25 questions on family law, 18 on other, 5 on constitutional law or civil litigation, 4 on housing, and 2 on work or unemployment.
  1. Partner Organization Updates (for information)
  2. Language Access Exercise
    • Small Group Sessions
    • Identify at least 5 key documents that need to be translated. The more identified, the better. Don’t prioritize yet, we’re looking for volume at this point.
    • After brainstorming documents, prioritize. Some possible considerations in prioritizing:
      • Life, health, safety implications of documents.
      • Demand for translation. Which forms get used the most?
      • Is there a special need for a document in a particular language?
      • Could translating the document reduce demand on court interpreters in a high-demand/low-supply language?
  3. Next Meeting Date: Please respond to Zoom poll.
  4. Meeting Adjourned