Access to Justice Foundation and Commission Joint Meeting

June 3rd, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

Agenda & Materials

9:30 AM– Breakfast

10:00 AM–Center for Racial Justice and Criminal Justice Reform Report (CLE Accreditation Pending)

Speaker: andre douglas pond cummings–Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Charles Baum Distinguished Professor of Law, William H. Bowen School of Law

11:00 AM–Break

11:15 AM–How Courts Can Use Technology to Improve Access to Justice (CLE Accreditation Pending)

Moderator: Hon. Amy Dunn Johnson–Circuit Court Judge, 6th Judicial District


Hon. Tommy Fowler–State District Court Judge, Craighead County

Grace Gault–District Court Clerk, Sherwood District Court

Sharon Blount-Baker–Circuit Clerk & Ex-officio Recorder, Crawford County


12:15 PM–Lunch

1:00 PM–Winthrop Rockefeller Staff Welcome

1:10 PM–Small Group Sessions

2:00 PM–Fines & Fees Panel (CLE Accreditation Pending)

Moderator: Hon. Carlton Jones–Circuit Judge, 8th-South Judicial Circuit


Rachael Borné–Director of Career Services, Our House

Josh Jackson–Attorney, Beyond Opioids Project

Hakim Malik, Little Rock Resident & Advocate

Hon. Tommy Fowler–State District Court Judge, Craighead County

3:00 PM–Business Meeting

  1. Welcome–Mr. Mayfield & Mr. McKinney
  2. Elections (For approval–Foundation Board)
    1. Eddie Walker for election to the board.
    2. John Thomas Shepherd for re-election to the board.
    3. Officer Elections
      1. President-Cliff McKinney
      2. Vice President-Sainabou Sonko
      3. Treasurer-Hillis Schild
      4. Secretary-Brian Clary
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. Commission Meeting Minutes–Mr. Mayfield
    2. Foundation Meeting Minutes–Mr. McKinney
  4. Governance Committee Report (For approval–Foundation Board)–Mr. Glover & Mr. McKinney
    1. Audit Report
    2. Form 990
  5. Executive Director’s Report–Mr. Bates-Rogers
    1. Tameka is transitioning into the IOLTA Program Manager position.
    2. Please help us find a new Executive Assistant by sharing this job post.
    3. Ginny Greer is this summer’s Fendler Fellow.
    4. IOLTA Update
    5. CLE Update
    6. Statewide Pro Bono Portal
  6. Finance Committee Report–Ms. Schild
    1. Financial Statements (For approval–Foundation Board)
      1. December 2021
      2. January 2022
      3. February 2022
      4. March 2022
    2. Budget Amendment-Statewide Pro Bono Portal (For approval–Foundation Board)
      1. Proposed Amended 2022 Budget
      2. Funds would come from a previously pledged gift from the Rose Law Firm.
      3. Initial funds from Rose Law Firm are sufficient to fund set up and the first two years of operation.
      4. Paladin Proposal
      5. Similar site built by Paladin for the Oklahoma Access to Justice Foundation:
    3. Investment Policy/Bank of America Excess Funds
    4. Investment Statements (For information)
      1. Stephens
      2. Arkansas Community Foundation
    5. Account Signer Resolution (For approval–Foundation Board)
  7. Scholarship Committee Report (For information)–Ms. Lee
  8. Partner Reports
    1. Jean Carter–Executive Director, Center for Arkansas Legal Services
    2. Lee Richardson–Executive Director, Legal Aid of Arkansas

4:00 PM–Adjourn

Meeting Location

1 Rockefeller Drive
Morrilton, Arkansas