Access to Justice Foundation & Commission Joint Meeting

May 19, 2023

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Ms. Sonko and Judge Bridgforth
    • Michelle Smith-Richardson, 2023 Fendler Fellow
  2. Foundation Business Items
    • Determination of Quorum-Ms. Sonko
    • Approval of February Minutes -Ms. Sonko
    • Governance Committee-Ms. Sonko
      • Election of Officers:
        • President-Cliff McKinney
        • Vice President-Sainabou Sonko
        • Treasurer-Hillis Schild
        • Secretary-Brian Clary
      • Audit Report
    • Finance Committee-Ms. Schild
      • Approval of Financial Reports
      • Discussions are ongoing regarding the placement of our endowment funds.
      • Proposal to increase Preferred IOLTA Banks minimum rate from 0.50% to 1%.
        • Preferred Banks were surveyed
        • 17 had no objection, some raised their rates voluntarily
        • No bank replied in opposition
      • Certificates of Deposit
        • The remaining reserve funds are to be converted to CDs, held at Preferred IOLTA Banks.
        • Operating funds above $400,000 are to be converted to short-term CDs, either directly with Preferred IOLTA Banks or through Stephens.
        • Executive Committee will provide final approval of CD purchases.
      • Investment/Endowment Statements (for information)
      • Credit Card Resolution (for approval)
    • Grants Committee-Ms. Rucker
        • Proposal to fund the following projects:
          • Legal Aid of Arkansas & Center for Arkansas Legal Services
            • Statewide website improvements
            • $30,000
          • Community Legal Access
            • General Support-Reduced fee services for low & moderate-income Arkansans
            • $15,000
          • Crawford County District Court
            • Language access improvements
            • $5,000
    • Scholarship Committee Report-Ms. Lee (for information)
  3. Commission Business Items
    • Determination of Quorum-Judge Bridgforth
    • Approval of February Minutes
    • Election of Officers-Judge Bridgforth
      • Chair-
      • Vice-Chair-
      • Secretary-
    • Comments Needed:
      • Legal Information vs. Legal Advice: A Guide for Court Staff
        • The Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee had been collaborating on this project. They will consider approving the guide at their next meeting in July. If approved, it will come back to the Access to Justice Commission for your approval as well.
      • Unlawful Detainer Forms
        • The Commission has provided some input on these forms already, but we need your help with a final review. Judicial Council will consider approving these forms at their June meeting.
        • Complaint
        • Answer
  4. Executive Director’s Report–Mr. Bates-Rogers (for information)
  5. IOLTA Report-Ms. Parker (for information)
  6. Project Reports–Ms. Chavez De Oseguera (for information)
    • CLE Report
      • Landlord-Tenant Law
        • 85 attendees
        • Presented by Kendall Lewellen-Center for Arkansas Legal Services
      • Disaster Legal Services
        • 267 attendees
        • Presented by Jason Auer-Legal Aid of Arkansas
    • Language Justice Projects
      • Language Access Survey
      • Translation of Court Forms
        • Court forms translation project started. Currently looking for competitive translation quotes from certified court interpreters to bring down costs. We have 13 court forms that have been submitted for translations from multiple courts.
      • Free Legal Answers Spanish Plugin
    • Special Projects
  7. Partner Organization Updates (for information)
  8. Next Meeting Dates
    • Foundation: August 11th @ noon via Zoom
    • Commission: September 29th @ 10 am via Zoom
  9. Meeting Adjourned