Access to Justice Foundation & Commission Joint Meeting

May 17, 2024

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Mr. McKinney and Mr. Mayfield
    • Megan Douglas, Program Coordinator
    • Professor Amelia McGowan, New Commissioner
    • Kalua Kahana, Intern
    • Beth Minyard, Executive Assistant (Temporary)
  2. Foundation Business Items
    • Determination of Quorum-Mr. McKinney
    • Approval of February Minutes -Mr. McKinney
    • Governance Committee- Kyle Burton
      • Election of Officers-
        • President-
        • Vice President-
        • Treasurer-
        • Secretary-
      • Audit Report (for approval)
    • Finance Committee-Ms. Schild
    • Grants Committee- Mrs. Pawlik, Mrs. Lee
        • $425,00 was dispersed to CALS and LAA, following the Foundation’s February meeting. $75,000 was set aside for other grants.
        • 7 total grant proposals received from: CALS, LAA, Disability Rights Arkansas, Arkansas Immigrant Defense, Arkansas Justice Reform Coalition, KKAC Organization, Arkansas United
        • Grants Committee Recommendations (for approval)
          • $5,000 to KKAC to conduct a needs assessment
          • $35,000 to AID for the direct delivery of legal services, delivery of services through private attorneys who volunteer or accept cases on a “low bono” basis; and the development and maintenance of fact sheets and other resources provided to advocates (school counselors, social workers, etc.) and the public
          • $17,500 to Disability Rights AR for representation of children removed from school due to a failure to identify them as needing a 504 or Individualized education plan
          • $17,500 to LAA for automation of forms and improvements to
  3. Commission Business Items
    • Determination of Quorum-Mr. Mayfield
    • Approval of March Minutes
    • Election of Officers-
      • Chair-
      • Vice-Chair-
      • Secretary-
    • Committee Revamp
  4. Executive Director Report and Joint Board Items – Ms. Abby Brenneman
  5. IOLTA Report-Ms. Parker (for information)
  6. Program Coordinator Report–Ms. Megan Douglas (for information)
    • AR Courthouse Kiosk Project
      • 83 kiosks live
      • 14 counties remaining without a kiosk
      • Interactive Map of Kiosk Deployment
      • Adding a public library notary directory
        • Compiling list of AR libraries that offer free notarization
      • Arkansas Library Association (ALA): expanding our kiosks
        • Submitted proposal to speak at ALA Annual Conference
        • Goal: help libraries utilize a pre-existing computer as a kiosk and educate library staff on legal resources
    • Legal Information vs. Legal Advice Guide
    • Website Updates
      • Updating our “Need Help” page, including our unbundling list of attorneys and forms
      • Navigation bar simplification
    • CLEs
      • June: Corey McGaha on Fair Credit Reporting Basics (June 27 at noon)
      • July: Kendall Lewellen on Estate Planning 101 (July 25 at noon)
      • August: Drew Rogers on Debt Collection (Aug 28 at noon)
      • Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec not scheduled yet
        • Interested in teaching: contact Program Coordinator
    • Round Up App
      • New fundraising tool that allows users to donate pocket change.
  7. Language Access and Free Legal Answers Report–Ms. Chavez De Oseguera (for information)
    • Language Justice Projects
      • Court Forms Translation Project: 113 translations completed. Languages Requested: Spanish, Karen, Chuukese, and Marshallese.
      • Working with MEI and other stakeholders to implement a training that will prepare interpreter candidates for the candidates’ exam. Goal: increase the number of Marshallese court interpreters and reinstate the Marshallese interpreter certification exam. OCIS has 3 registered Marshallese interpreters, and only 1 is an Arkansas resident.
      • Partnership with Ignite Law and Policy from the Bentonville School District will help us create plain English videos (Fall 2024).
      • Pilot Project with Berryville District Court to measure the impact of court form translations.
    • AR Free Legal Answers
      •  Outreach: Initiated contact with the Central Arkansas Library System to expand to underserved and untapped counties through local libraries. Upcoming meeting – June 13, 2024.
      • Virtual Clinics: 6 completed and 15 more scheduled. Please sign up to volunteer by clicking here.
      • FLA- Bowen Consumer Protection Clinics – 7 clients served in consumer and eviction-related questions.
    • Power Act
      • $1500 collected in sponsorships for the Power Act/JBR
      • As of May 13, 2024, 57 registered in person and 116 registered via zoom.
  8. Next Meeting Dates
    • Foundation: August 9th @ noon via Zoom
    • Commission: September 20th @ noon via Zoom
  9. Meeting Adjourned