Immigration Law 101: What All Attorneys Should Know—Nov. 18th at Noon

This course will cover how to identify possible immigration issues for referral to counsel, intersections with other fields, and how civil and criminal proceedings may impact immigration.

Relyance Bank Joins Preferred IOLTA Banks Program

Relyance Bank joins Preferred IOLTA Banks Program!

Education Law: IEPs and 504 Plans

On September 2, 2022, attorney Jay Coleman presented on the topic of education law, including the law surrounding individualized education plans for children with special needs. This presentation was recorded and posted here for your viewing. Expect to learn the following: Read more

Power Act CLE – August 19, 2022

Citizens Bank Joins Preferred IOLTA Banks Program

Meeting Your Rule 6 1 Obligation The Efficient, Ethical, and Effective Representation of Low Income Individuals

On May 20th, 2022, AATJ and Community Legal Access presented this CLE to increase awareness of the multiple ways to meet the Rule 6.1 obligationto provide pro bono and low cost legal assistance to folks with low income. Read more