Access to Justice Foundation Meeting

November 12th, 11:30 a.m. via Zoom

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Mr. McKinney
  2. Business Items
  3. Executive Director’s Report–Mr. Bates-Rogers (for information)
    • Campaign for Legal Aid
      • Appeal letters are in process now.
      • Postcards are being sent out to remind folks about Giving Tuesday.
      • We’re focused on acquiring 100 monthly donors
        • Why 100?
        • If new donors give at the same average amount as our current monthly donors, this would be enough to fund at least one legal aid lawyer’s salary through our monthly donor program.
        • We’re starting the process of re-branding our monthly donor group
          • The 6.1 Society name and branding will be retired
          • We’re tentatively planning to call our monthly donors “Justice for All Partners”
          • We’re reaching out to artists to develop a new logo and thank you items
      • Ways to help:
        • Become a monthly donor.
        • Follow up with prospective donors (emails, notes, or calls).
          • You can reach out to folks you know or we can supply a list of folks we need to follow up with.
        • Record a video explaining why you support legal aid.
          • We’ll use these in follow emails and social media posts associated with the Campaign for Legal Aid.
        • Start a fundraiser for Access to Justice on Giving Tuesday (November 30th).
          • Facebook fundraisers are one of the best ways to help us connect with new supporters!
    • AR Free Legal Answers
    • Attorney Job Opening
  4. IOLTA Report-Ms. Walker (for information)
    • IOLTA Trends Report
  5. Partner Organization Updates (for information)
    • Joint Fundraising Committee/Access to Justice Commission-Mr. Mayfield
      • Access to Justice Month Kickoff
        • $8,799 in sponsorships (2020-$8,600)
        • $105 in donations (2020-$745)
        • Expenses of $969.25 (2020-886.56)
        • Recording available here.
      • In-person event to resume in 2022
    • Legal Aid Program Updates – Ms. Frazier
  6. Next Meeting Date: Our next meeting will be in 2022. We’ll reach out with dates via email shortly.
  7. Meeting Adjourned

Note: The Finance Committee approved the 990, proposed budget, and financial reports via electronic vote. Documentation of that action is available here.