Justice for All Partners: Representing Hope Through Monthly Giving

Justice shouldn’t depend on how much money you make or where you live. Justice for All Partners believe that everyone deserves equal access to justice, not just those who can afford an attorney. They act on this conviction by making a monthly gift to support legal aid and pro bono programs in Arkansas.

By becoming a Justice for All Partner, you can:

  • ensure that a survivor of domestic violence has an advocate to stand with her in court as she confronts her abuser;
  • help someone re-entering society get a fresh start and opportunities for a good job and safe housing;
  • protect the health of kids through medical-legal partnerships that resolve legal problems like mold-infested housing that makes kids sick; and
  • assist countless other Arkansans who are facing a life-altering crisis.

A monthly gift of any amount makes a difference. Thanks!

Thank you to Sherry J. Williamson for designing the Justice for All Partners logo! To see more of Sherry’s work, visit her website here.

Thanks to Our Justice for All Partners:

  • Robert Alsobrook
  • Katherine Anderson
  • Cory & Jordan Bates-Rogers
  • Stefanie Blahut
  • R. Aaron Brooks
  • Jordan Camp
  • Lisa C. Childs
  • Brian Clary
  • Judge Cathleen V. Compton
  • Jon Comstock
  • John & Claudia Courtway
  • Rita Cunningham
  • Jim & Suzie Dunn
  • Hugh Finkelstein
  • Lynn Frost
  • Stephen Giles
  • Joshua Gillispie
  • Lori Howard
  • Judge Amy Dunn Johnson
  • Colin Jorgensen
  • David Kamps
  • Rebecca Kane
  • Deepali Lal
  • Kendall Lewellen
  • David R. Matthews
  • Andrew Nadzam
  • Carol Nokes
  • Chad & Tiffany Oldham
  • Kelly Olson
  • Kristin Pawlik
  • Kathryn Platt
  • Lee Richardson
  • Chad Rodgers
  • Hillis Schild
  • Victoria Smith
  • Katherine Stephens
  • Robert & Mary Tellez
  • Justice Annabelle Imber Tuck
  • Judge Diane Warren

Support Arkansas Access to Justice

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