Justice for All Partners: Representing Hope Through Monthly Giving

Think for a minute about the things we spend $25, $50 or even $100 on each month. For the same investment, you can cover what it costs for legal aid to represent a domestic violence victim, a veteran struggling to readjust to civilian life, or a child in need of a stable home or special education. Attorneys who give also fulfill part of their professional responsibility outlined in Arkansas Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1.

You can support the Campaign for Legal Aid with monthly gifts directly from your bank account, credit card, or debit card. Monthly giving eliminates the need for writing checks and stamping envelopes. Your gift can be adjusted at any time.

Justice for All Partners represent hope for Arkansas families by providing sustained support for the work that legal aid does to ensure fairness and access for all.

Become a Justice for All Partner today by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Thanks to Our Justice for All Partners:

  • Cory & Jordan Bates-Rogers
  • R. Aaron Brooks
  • Jordan Camp
  • Lisa C. Childs
  • Brian Clary
  • Judge Cathleen V. Compton
  • John & Claudia Courtway
  • Susan Crowley
  • Jim & Suzie Dunn
  • Hugh Finkelstein
  • Joseph Gregory
  • Stephen Giles
  • Lori Howard
  • Judge Amy Dunn Johnson
  • Colin Jorgensen
  • David Kamps
  • Eugene Kelley
  • Kendall Lewellen
  • David R. Matthews
  • Andrew Nadzam
  • Chad & Tiffany Oldham
  • Kathryn Platt
  • Hillis Schild
  • Victoria Smith
  • James D. Sprott
  • Katherine Stephens
  • Justice Annabelle Imber Tuck
  • Mary & Robert Tellez
  • Andrea G. Woods

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