Access to Justice Commission Meeting

September 16th at 9 a.m. via Zoom

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Mr. Mayfield
  2. Business Items-Mr. Mayfield
    • Determination of Quorum
    • Acknowledgment of Ms. Michael’s service
    • Welcome Autumn Ballard, new Executive Assistant
    • March Minutes (For approval)
    • Notice of request for changes to operating rules, vote at next meeting. (For information)
      • One change would allow the Commission to align its officer elections with the Foundation, which elects officers at its summer meeting. This would create efficiencies for Commission staff.
      • Other changes update the descriptions of the staffing structure of the Commission.
    • 20th Anniversary of the Commission in 2023
      • Timing of events?
      • Number of events?
        • Northwest Arkansas & Central?
        • More events?
      • Type of events?
        • Ideas generated at Joint Board Retreat:
          • Symposium
          • Personal stories of those who have been impacted
          • Twenty questions for twenty years
          • Awards ceremony
          • Social event
      • Should we establish a planning committee?
  3. Fendler Fellow Report-Ginny Greer
  4. Executive Director’s Report–Mr. Bates-Rogers (for information)
    • Pro Bono Portal Updates
      • The training of legal services organizations has been completed.
      • Our vendor is finalizing the site and we expect to be able to soft launch the site this month.
      • Our formal launch and publicity efforts will start in October during Pro Bono Week.
      • Our intern has written an article about the portal for the Arkansas Lawyer Magazine.
    • Language Access Initiative
      • I met with Judge Leon Johnson, Chair of the Judicial Council’s Interpreter Services Committee, this week.
      • We discussed implementing the “no wrong way in” recommendations from the Justice Index.
      • We need a native Spanish or Marshallese speaker for the Commission. They must be a non-lawyer employed by a nonprofit organization. Please send any recommendations.
      • The Foundation is likely to budget grant funds to support our language access initiatives.
    • Legal Information vs. Legal Advice Guide for Court Staff
      • This is a joint project with the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee.
      • Staff are working on a first draft.
      • Expect a draft for review at our next meeting.
      • Key points. Court staff should be authorized to:
        • Refer to legal aid
        • Explain court procedures
        • Provide fact sheets & forms
        • Offer public access terminals (computers)
        • Use plain language
        • Connect court users to interpreter services
        • Supply the child support guidelines and calculator
    • Staff Salaries
      • The Arkansas Supreme Court has voted to reclassify all staff positions, increasing maximum salaries for staff.
      • This will not provide immediate raises, but allows for salary growth.
      • The reclassification will require legislative approval.
  5. Project Reports–Ms. Brenneman (for information)
  6. Partner Organization Updates (for information)
    • Commission/Foundation Joint Resource Development Committee– Mr. Mayfield
    • Legal Aid Program Updates – Ms. Carter & Mr. Richardson
  7. Unlawful Detainer Forms User Testing Exercise-Ms. Brenneman
  8. Next Meeting Date: TBD, expect a Doodle shortly.
  9. Meeting Adjourned