Access to Justice Commission Meeting

September 29th, 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. via Zoom

Agenda & Materials

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Mr. Mayfield
    • Justice Barbara Webb, Arkansas Supreme Court Liaison
    • Senator Ben Gilmore, Arkansas Senate Appointee
    • Professor Will Foster, University of Arkansas School of Law Appointee
  2. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Mayfield
  3. Business Items – Mr. Mayfield
    • Legal Information vs. Legal Advice–A Guide for Court Staff (for approval)
      • The Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee has voted to approve the guide, with minor changes made to the Explain Court Procedures section.
      • Some statistics in the introduction have been updated to reflect current information from the Legal Services Corporation and the Administrative Office of the Courts.
  4. Executive Director’s Report – Mr. Bates-Rogers (for information)
      • AR Courthouse Kiosk Program
        • View the kiosk resources at
        • 72 kiosks are deployed in 54 counties
        • 2 counties are scheduled–Hempstead & Sharp
        • 19 counties remain uncommitted
          • Outreach efforts so far:
            • Emails
            • Phone calls
            • Paper mail
            • Presentation at Circuit Clerks Meeting
            • Presentation at Judicial Council
            • Presentation at District Court Conference
      • Access to Justice Month Kickoff
        • October 5th @ 6 pm
        • Venue: Club 27–614 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, Arkansas
        • Sponsorships: $12,693 (includes pledges)
        • Ticket Sales: $1,550.50
        • Buy a ticket or sponsor at:
  5. Project Reports – Ms. Chavez de Oseguera (for information)
    • Clinics
      • 10 Freel Legal Answers clinics since our last meeting
      • Naturalization Clinic
        • In commemoration of Citizenship Day and Constitution Day, Arkansas Access to
          Justice, Legal Aid, both state law schools, other nonprofits, and close to 40 volunteer attorneys, law
          students, and DOJ-accredited representatives coordinated the naturalization applications of nearly 70
          legal permanent residents. Clinic was inaugurated by Chief Eva Millona from the United States Citizenship
          and Immigration Services and U.S. Magistrate Judge Christy Comstock.
    • Pro Bono-Focused CLEs
      • Consumer Protection-34 attendees
      • Power Act-136 attendees
      • Appeals-75 attendees
      • Naturalization-50 attendees
    • Language Justice Initiative
      • 37 court forms have been translated into Spanish and Karenic languages. Some of the forms are related to fines, standard orders of child visitation, restraining orders, no contact orders, waiver of rights, restricted driving, DWI waiver, probate cover page and disposition
        sheet, affidavit of indigency, plea waiver, collection of a small state, and more.
      • A draft of the language access survey will be ready next month.
  6. Project and Partner Organization Updates (for information)
    • Legal Aid Program Updates – Mr. Mumgaard & Mr. Richardson
  7. Breakout Sessions – Mr. Bates-Rogers
      • Kiosk Connections & Strategies
      • In small groups, collect ideas for how we can get the remaining 19 counties to commit to hosting a kiosk.
      • New strategies?
      • Do you know someone in one of the counties that is uncommitted? Create a list of contacts you’re willing to talk to and email the list to Jordan.
  8. Next Meeting Date: Our next meeting will be in 2024, the date to be determined by Doodle. We’ll be emailing you the Doodle later this year.
  9. Meeting Adjourned