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Access to Justice and its Self-Represented Litigant Task Force crafted changes to the Arkansas Professional Conduct Rules, which were eventually adopted by the Arkansas Supreme Court, in an effort to encourage unbundling (also known as limited scope representation). A growing number of states had already enacted changes similar to the changes proposed by the Task Force. Alabama, California, and Colorado are among the states that have made changes to their court rules to allow for attorneys to provide unbundled legal services.

Unbundling allows for a client to hire an attorney to assist in a limited scope and manner with regard to specific elements of the client’s legal matter. This includes matters such as legal advice, document preparation, document review, or limited appearances on behalf of the client. The attorney and client enter into an agreement with specific tasks identified that the attorney will complete or assist the client with. This includes the fee or rate the client will pay for those services as well.

LSR allows the client to only pay for the legal help she/he needs and may not have otherwise been able to afford. LSR is also beneficial for attorneys who can earn fees they may not have otherwise been able to and build a client base from an untapped market. Finally, LSR will benefit Arkansas Courts through better prepared pleadings and self-represented litigants.

Below are resources for attorneys and litigants interested in unbundling.

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